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Milostka Exhibitions

Jazz Appreciation Concert

March 27, 2021

Join us for a one-way ticket to a night of rhythmic sway in this live virtual jazz concert! Go on a journey to revisit some of the greatest pieces ever invented in the history of jazz and hear original compositions from aspiring and professional musicians! 

Featured Musicians: Paulina Hernandez, Isaiah Sealy, Zach Forbes, Ella Grace, Adedayo Lawal, Lucas Lindo, Christopher Schiavoni, Matthew Hodson, Royce Hermanson, Eval Silva, Thoms Durandeau, Nick Vrolichs



Écoutez les présentations des artistes du gala pour en savoir plus sur leur travail.

Musician: Ella Grace

Musician: Christoper Schiavoni

Musician: Lucas Lindo

Musician: Royce Hermanson

Musician: Matthew Hodson

Musicians: Paulina Hernandez, Isaiah Sealy

Musician: Thoms Durandeau

Musician: Zach Forbes

Musician: Nick Vrolichs

Musician: Eval Silva

Musician: Adedayo Lawal

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