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Mateusz Pospiech

Galería Hanbell


Scientist by profession, writer by heart. Logical mind, that can't desensitize complete irrationalism and hypersensitivity of emotions. Born in Poland, lived in the UK, living in France, will live elsewhere - still looking for a place to exist freely. Believes in an innately good world filled with love and harmony disrupted by development of evil throughout life.

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Artist: Mateusz Pospiech

Based in Saint Cloud, France

Instagram: @jeremiahp

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What are some positive traits that you believe you carry?

One of the positives I believe that I carry is that I am a family orientated person- I always treat people I love with goodness and kindness. Second, I am very hard working. As someone who has a full-time job, teaches in three schools and writes poetry, this vividly displays my ambition. 

What prompted you to want to be an artist?

It's not something I wanted to be, it was something I always was. Since primary school, I was always interested in writing and published a book by the age of 18. Art offered me a way to express myself, my emotions and feelings, my way of life and communication.  

What themes do you pursue?

My art represents the story of my life; it represents my life felt through emotions rather than mere facts. I may not always remember the exact details of what happened in a moment, but I will always remember the way I felt in it. These are the themes that I pursue. 

Do you have any long-term goals? How do you ensure that you are moving along that path?

For my long term goals, I am currently working on a book in Polish and a English book of poems as well. Since it is something that I always have desired to do, I am working hard to contact publishers and magazines to publish my work. Another goal would be to expand my time that I can spend working on my art, this way I can have more opportunities to create the things I enjoy. 

What's integral to the work of an arist?

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What do you aim to say by the themes in your work?

Where does your inspiration come from?

How would you describe your creative process? 

What is integral to your work as an artist?

Do you have any experiences that have impacted your art?

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

What's important is for you to be as authentic as you can be. I've seen many offers from schools, paintings, workshops, all stating they know "how to write" or "how to paint." Of course it's good to know your tools, forms of expression, to be familiar with these things, but at the same time, sometimes these sort of things can hinder the creativity. Because these things can start producing artists all coming out of the same school and create the same art the way they were taught, which isn't authentic. You should not be afraid to express what you feel, no matter how it may be viewed by society. Don't create art that someone expects you to create, create your own.

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