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Keegan Wenkman

The work I produce is of thoughtful, selfless, greedy, raving, amazing, botched, happy, needy, revolutionary people, objects, ideas, animals, and insects. These are what I love and wouldn't want to forget.

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Artist: Keegan Wenkman

Based in Madison Wisconsin, USA

Instagram: @premiummuseum

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What are some positive traits that you believe you carry?

Empathy is very important, despite nature and nurture being aware of others will help yourself and all things around you, I remind myself daily.

Being inquisitive, asking why, asking how, and delving in, you never know what you'll find.

Kindness, sure, kindness with purpose, that's another thing all together. 

What prompted you to want to be an artist?

Bob Ross, I first really discovered technique and practice through Mr. Ross. After that it was about being curious and the study of art and meaning. Asking why and making mistakes along the way to see exactly why artists don't or do certain things along they're own way.  Also I was a Museum attendant  which helped a lot. Lots of time alone with artworks.

What themes do you pursue?

Various people, animals, objects and ideas. Nothing is too foreign to study and care about.

Do you have any long-term goals? How do you ensure that you are moving along that path?

Long term goals are to continue making and discovering what becomes of it is beyond myself.....the hardest and most rewarding part is the act of making and doing. I work on failing everyday. 

What's integral to the work of an arist?

Being curious, and believing in others will help and support you along the way. I choose to make art for people. Art can be selfless.

The smallest details add up to a great whole.

Galería Hanbell


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