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Musa salvaje

Artista: Susanne Tabet

Con sede en Virginia, EE. UU.

Retratos femeninos expresivos abstractos


Artista: Susanne Tabet

Con sede en Virginia, EE. UU.

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What do you aim to say by the themes in your work?

When I created these pieces, I wanted to expose vulnerability, which is interesting because vulnerability is exposed in and of itself. The people and characters in these paintings depict a level of intertwining of intense emotion. Whether love, disturbance, tension, or peace.  I aim to reveal interconnection through the use of family dynamic and self realization, by explaining that we as humans love this reality simultaneously but differently at the same time. Our experiences are more shared than we believe. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from my own self realization and growth through pain and love and God. To know who I am through God, living the experiences I have lived, having the story I do, all needs to be shared to maybe give hope as to why testimony’s aren’t a finished work, but a progression. 

How would you describe your creative process? 

I would describe it as a rollercoaster. Sometimes I’m all in and creativity flows easily, other times days may pass as I am stuck on where the next stroke should be.

What is integral to your work as an artist?

 Time and tension release are vital. I find myself creating to please, sometimes, where as I want my work to tell a story and to speak through itself regardless of others thoughts and opinions. As time goes on, I can develop an authentic story.

Do you have any experiences that have impacted your art?

Relationships and raw emotion such as hate and love and upbringing have shaped my worldview to see that you can’t know love without hate/pain, and you won’t know yourself until you tear apart the things that have made you, you. These are real things that bring my thoughts to life and tell my story as well as others. 

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

My advice is to be as authentic as possible and to create to show who you are. When you create, your wholeness should be so deeply in your works that a moment(s) of your life is on canvas. 

Galería Hanbell


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