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Galeria Hanbell

Savage Muse

Artysta: Susanne Tabet

Siedziba w Wirginii w USA


Streszczenie ekspresyjne portrety kobiet


Artysta: Susanne Tabet

Siedziba w Wirginii w USA

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What do you aim to say by the themes in your work?

My theme seeks to act as a window between the known and unknown world. This goes further than the dream state, but certainly involves it. I take from a variety of common motifs found in arts and try to replicate what has been the most attractive elements of art throughout history in my pieces. In terms of what I aim to say, I am an adamant believer in letting the art do the speaking and allowing each individual audience member to find their own meaning and perception of the works. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration stems from a life long and deeply private love of art. I kept this part of me highly personal until 2019, when I decided after some life challenges to go forward as an artist. I am inspired to create as art gives so much meaning to life. Before I was an appreciator of art, now I am a producer. The inspiration to create built over years, and is refreshed by the great varieties of experience of day to day life. 

How would you describe your creative process? 

Sometimes cathartic, sometimes controlled and carefully planned. I allow myself to enter the art making process as I am at that point in time. Sometimes I just go at a fresh painting with no forethought. Sometimes it is the manifestation of a variety of thoughts and ideas I have had. I feel extremely happy while I produce and often listen to music and really put a lot of motion through my body into my work. In between producing pieces, I take in as much art and art history as I can. I am a huge art lover, and as a self trained artist, I feel strongly about learning about the creative processes of artists I admire. I adhere to a Practice of Limitation, so I purposefully use limited inputs into my art for extended periods of time to hone a certain aesthetic. This is particularly important when producing digitally, as there are a plethora of options for softwares and tools to use. I still use the most basic digital tools available. 

What is integral to your work as an artist?

Patience. It is so important to me to take the time to make sure a piece comes together in the best possible way. I avoid the rush to produce for the sake of producing and take a long time to analyze and contemplate the pieces I am working on and what direction they should go in. That is not to say some pieces do not come together rapidly. I have one painting I love called Correctional Officer, which I created in under ten minutes. Other pieces I have worked on for over a dozen hours. 

Do you have any experiences that have impacted your art?

Certainly major life experiences, serving in the Peace Corps, living in a variety of unique circumstances and environments, my education on nuclear arms, and of course the relationships I have had. However turbulent periods of my life and my quest to better understand my inner, hidden experience is really what compels me to make this art. Finding meaning, engaging in a therapeutic art practice, and coming to new understandings on what it is to be alive have all been experiences that impact my art. Questions about experience are interesting to me, as my work is meant to elucidate the experiences we have but do not know or see, the mystery of life. 

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Take care of yourself. Engage in self care especially as it relates to mental and emotional wellbeing. Never try to put everything into art. Never think art can be your only refuge. Live a safe, happy and prosperous life outside of art. Never think art is the end all and be all of your life. Of course, don't rush!!! On the art production side of things, do not be afraid of digital. Although we are all fond of traditional brush and canvas painting and other physical methods, working in digital will allow you to produce art even if you are broke, don't have a place for art materials, or want to put your resources into other parts of your life.

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