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Galería Hanbell


Musa salvaje

Artista: Susanne Tabet

Con sede en Virginia, EE. UU.

Retratos femeninos expresivos abstractos


Artista: Susanne Tabet

Con sede en Virginia, EE. UU.

Instagram: @

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What do you aim to say by the themes in your work?

I want to say that there is beauty everywhere. The art world, especially the more traditional side of it, is very white dominated. The stories are told from the perspective of primarily white men which has left out the often overlooked beauty of the minority. My muse is this beauty. My goal is to refocus the work of the old masters to introduce the beauty of the minority that was taken from the world so long ago. I want to let the silence be heard.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I am greatly inspired by the works of the classic and romantic eras, but I am truly inspired by the stories of others. I want each of my pieces to tell a story and am greatly inspired by stories either from the past or modern ones. 

How would you describe your creative process? 

I daydream a lot so I constantly find myself coming up with new and unique ideas, most of the time in my english class...woops. Most likely I'll mull over an idea for a while until I get a random spurt of energy in which I then sketch the entire piece. Which then leads to my favorite part...color! I love the color picking process because it opens up a wellspring of possibilities for tone, value, and composition. Finally I grab a snack, some water, put on some music and paint.

What is integral to your work as an artist?

Music. I love to listen to music while I work and it is paramount to capture emotions in my work. I change what I listen to depending on what I want to convey and this is contingent to my creative process.

Do you have any experiences that have impacted your art?

I loved to visit art museums when I was younger and they became a place of wonder. They really open my mind to what can be done and said through a simple painting or drawing. They made me feel. Another is band. I am currently a saxophonist in my school band and music as a creative outlet helps me truly learn the concept of emotion and the complexities of them. Inessence I am inspired by emotions because through feeling true beauty can blossom.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

As an artist you paint from one perspective, your own. Find your voice and never stifle it, shout it from the rooftops. Your art flourishes when it is unapologetically you.

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