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Jaime Roberts

Roberts stumbled upon a form of therapy while clipping and ripping images out from magazines, sorting through thoughts and pages, as Roberts arranged and secured them on the canvas. Roberts has created many works resulting from this therapeutic process, though very few of these works have met the public eye. With this method of expression being incredibly intimate, Roberts grappled with the fear of judgment for years. Shaking up this old thought pattern after realizing that we are not meant to heal behind closed doors. We are meant to share our burdens, along with the tools we use to overcome them.

Artist: Jaime Roberts

Based in Washington, United States


Instagram: AmendedArchives

Culturally Arts Collective features:

"Hidden Eyes", April 15-May 27 2022, Milostka Center for Exhibitions 

What do you aim to say by the themes in your art?
I aim to trigger self reflection and introspective thought with my art.
Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from my personal experience of life and the world around me.
Do you have experiences that impacted your art?
Motherhood, existing as a woman in the world, and moving over 74 times in 35 years are a few experiences that have impacted my art.  I try to reflect on every experience and my art always reflects some aspect of my own thought or perception of  an experience I've had or dreamt of having.
Do you feel your art challenges existing barriers?
Barriers should always be questioned, and they exist differently in each person.  I hope my work stimulates contemplation and self reflection, especially when it meets with a barrier within.  Always reflect on your barriers and ask yourself why they exist, if they belong to you, or if they're imposed by some other source.
What are your long-term artistic goals? 
As an artist long term, I hope to continue to cultivate physical and visual reflections that can be embraced and cherished by others.
What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
As artists, I hope we all continue to aspire.  Your work is never done and your skill can always evolve.  Keep exploring yourself through your own work.  Don't be afraid to share this piece of you with the world!
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