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Galeria Hanbell

Judith Lungen

Based in Israel

What do you aim to say by the themes in your art?

Art transcends the limitations of the physical world. It’s the Vehicle that transports both the Beholder and the Artist into mystical realms of the seemingly impossible and unattainable. Art’s true essence is grace and only in grace is there the possibility to dissolve discord, misunderstandings, religious conflict, wrong thinking, and prejudice.

By exploring without hindrance, the beauty and wonder of ancient spiritual beliefs each path lead to the same goal – Love, Kindness, Appreciation.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Living in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, home to the great monotheistic
religions, a history that is constantly uncovered through archaeological explorations, Jerusalem sits along the Desert. And for decades I have loved Jerusalem and its surrounding Deserts.
In the silence, in the colors, the dust, the sand, rock formations, thunderstorms, ancient ruins, the continuum of the sunrise, the moonrise, the hidden treasures that wait discovery. In the solitude of the Desert there lies inspiration, meditation, solace.

Do you have any experiences that have impacted your art?


My journey into the world of meditation, yoga, and spirituality has opened doors to the many experiences that reflect in my art. Life is its own education. The people I have met, the cities where I have lived, the cultures I have experienced and enjoy.

Do you feel your art challenges existing barriers?

Absolutely – that is why I chose to explore spiritual, historical, and religious beliefs through the eyes of my fictitious Father Giri. His Diary, his background as a Catholic priest from India who travels to Jerusalem in 1957, and the people he meets – gives me the complete freedom to break through old, stale, irrelevant beliefs. I can reach into the common denominator of beauty, art, and mankind’s desire to seek love and peace.

 What are your long-term artistic goals?

Now that FATHER GIRI’S DIARY A PILGRIM’S JOURNEY is complete, my goal is to mount a multi-media exhibition featuring the 65 digital paintings and narrative text that could also include audio narration and even video projection. The next step would be a world tour of this project. And I am convinced that more digital paintings will bubble up as time goes by.

 What advice do you have for aspiring artists?


Never give up. Take your time. Don’t be in a rush. Let your projects develop in your mind and heart. Think, meditation, spend time alone in your own world is essential.

Do not be afraid of that aloneness, that is where all greatness is born.
Your vision is uniquely your own. Love it, nurture it, explore, and don’t be afraid of mistakes.
No one but you know what those mistakes are or may have been.
Some projects may take days, others may demand years.
Your art should be your lover, your friend, your intimate, your passion.
Your art should consume your every waking second.

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