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Divine Comedy

Artist: Maja Puđa

Based in Split, Croatia

Definitions, detections, determinations, decoding, ... nothing for sure gives an approximate picture of art, because it does not wait for something to be said about it, it does not pay attention to our interpretations, our reference and analogous notes. It escapes us through the openings of established borders, through thin membranes, through invisible cracks; always before us this being of art, never fully accessible, hidden in the fractal border of the limes. Within the limes, in each territory, in a geometrized field, on a painting surface (if it is painting), arborescent figures, inverted figures, all sorts of appearances that require distance in order to see them at all, in order to accept them, are formed. Each content is a narrative. Suddenly associative voluminosity’s, swirls, attempts of matter to take shape into recognizable patterns. Reminders and recollections, childhood and matrices of imitation, closed lungs and difficult breathing, heartbeat and penetration through thick sticky mucus, struggle and conquest of territories, re-territorialization and failure of the image regime, principles of composition and frantic attempt to appropriate this new, unknown area and that relay stations are embedded in it and under them you enter deeper layers in which the answers to difficult, most difficult questions are written. About the meaning of life, about death. Nature is born before us as an image, as an opportunity: landscapes, horizons, dreams, layers ... and people. The characters become serious, personified, as if some famous names call out empty faces and give them eyes to see where they are going.

Maja Puda, Portfolio, 2022. - Maja Puđa-08.jpg

Reservior, acrylic on canvas, 100x100 cm,


Maja Puda, Portfolio, 2022. - Maja Puđa-10.jpg

Essence of the Horse, oil on canvas, 120x80 cm, 2021.

Maja Puda, Portfolio, 2022. - Maja Puđa-14.jpg

Fatum, oil on canvas, 120x80 cm, 2021.

"I have come to a place where all the lights are silent,

which rustles like the sea in a storm
when the winds from all sides mute it

A whirlwind of hell that roars without a break,

there he carries souls in full swing:

tortures them, beats them, spins them in the current. "

"The Divine Comedy" Dante Alighieri, 1308.-1320.

Maja Puda, Portfolio, 2022. - Maja Puđa-04.jpg

Substance and energy , acrilyc on canvas, 120x80 cm, 2020.

Maja Puda, Portfolio, 2022. - Maja Puđa-06.jpg

Nausea, acrilyc on canvas, 120x80 cm,

Maja Puda, Portfolio, 2022. - Maja Puđa-12.jpg

Time, acrylic on canvas, 129x100 cm, 2021.

Maja Puda, Portfolio, 2022. - Maja Puđa-22.jpg

Inferno, oil on canvas, 80x120 cm , 2022.

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Artista: Susanne Tabet

Con sede en Virginia, EE. UU.

Instagram: @

Estoy abierto a colaboraciones.

Susanne Tabet es una pintora abstracta contemporánea alemana que vive y trabaja en Falls Church, Virginia. Autodidacta, comenzó a pintar cuando tenía poco más de veinte años cuando una visita a la Tate Modern de Londres encendió su deseo de reproducir los distintos retratos abstractos femeninos de Amedeo Modigliani. Continuó estudiando y explorando las obras de otros grandes maestros en el ámbito del expresionismo abstracto y, a lo largo de los años, desarrolló y desarrolló sus habilidades y su estilo personal distintivo. Su enfoque permanece en la forma femenina a la que da vida con colores contrastantes y pinceladas atrevidas y enérgicas. Sus retratos rebosan fuerza y vulnerabilidad. En opinión de Susanne Tabet, un reflejo de la complejidad, la belleza y el poder de una mujer.

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