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Galerie Hanbell

Oiseaux, fantaisie et portraits

Artiste: Catherine Millerioux

Instagram: @kat_art_strophe

Basée en France

Peinture acrylique et aquarelle.

CA022DF0-CF5C-4B37-BFE0-C6CAE55F940B - L

Under This Sky I

00F3853D-8E90-491E-806E-DC7F8AEFA971 - L

Trop timide pour toi

0745005A-90E5-4E30-8E2B-4A84BD3ECC2D - L

Under This Sky II

03B04A33-8F26-494E-9810-D58201DB600A - L

Trop timide pour toi

CE228508-14DA-4A2E-B808-4D5A0A1C2376 - L

Trop timide pour toi

7958DADA-6714-4512-847B-C215BD2DCD46 - L


BC707467-ED93-40F3-8010-03B4028EB833 - L

Tabula Rasa

DFC5F81F-3FCE-45FD-A64F-EAF1F664AD82 - L


201193B0-F3D0-45CC-90F0-16607BFD3BAB - L

Trop timide pour toi

9110422E-C86E-4A0D-B47B-4B487FABF21A - L

Trop timide pour toi

About the 


Artist: Laya Joseph

Based in New York, USA

Instagram: @layajosephart

I am open to commissions and you can contact me by email at

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2727FBC8-0067-4906-A08E-B838E71CDD45 - L

My name is Laya Joseph. I was born in Kerala, India currently residing in New York, US. My first experience, that I recall, as an artist, was when I participated as a second grade student in a citywide art competition in which I won the third prize. That year , my class teacher wrote in my school report card that I am a ‘budding artist’. Like a lot of Indians, art for me remained a hobby. I went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Botany, became a Biology teacher and spent a year in Zurich, Switzerland working on some research projects. It was only recently in 2018, I decided to become an artist professionally. In this short journey as an artist, I have participated in a few local art exhibitions including a group exhibition at the Morgan Stanley Corporate headquarter in Purchase, New York.


Being a self taught artist, over the years, I have continued to improve my skills and evolve by learning from my experience, trials and errors and observing other contemporary artists. As a botanist, I have experience with detailed drawings but I did not want my artistic work to be defined by details and structures. My work is mostly abstract and semi abstract where colors reflect the mood of the subject. My medium of choice is acrylic and occasionally mixed media.

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