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Milostka​ Exhibition

Virtual Art Gala Exhibition

October 24, 2020


View the works that were exhibited by artists from around the world during our virtual art gala in the 360-degree view exhibtion below! Click below to watch the video of the entire gallery!

Featured Artists: Samantha Su, Sidney T., Ginny Den, Pandy Ten, Sucana Barbaric, Marta Pakiet,

Alann De Vuyst, Lukas Weitzhofer, Johanna Alt, Jonathan Lavoie, Mya Jane, Yuki Nawar, Azureart,

Zbigniew S., Arlene T., Samantha Cocita, Cecilia Barboza Silberberg


Director of Curatorial Affairs: Sidney Tanaka



Hear artists' presentations from the gala to learn about their work.

Artist: Sidney

Artist: Ginny Den

Artist: Pandy Ten

Artist: Marta Pakiet

Artist: Alann De Vuyst

Artist: Cecilia Barboza Silberberg

Artist: Lukas Weitzhofer

Artist: Johanna Alt

Artist: Jonathan Lavoie

Artist: Mya Jane

Artist: Azureart

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