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Hanbell Gallery

Turn a corner

Artist: Lina Alousta

Based in Surrey, United Kingdom

A collection that reflects better times ahead

Warm chill  - Lina Alousta.jpg

Warm chill 

Hook, line & sinker  - Lina Alousta.jpg
Celebrate new beginnings - Lina Alousta.jpg

Celebrate new beginnings

Pink flurry - Lina Alousta.jpg

Pink flurry

Hook, line & sinker

Stole the Ocean Breeze - Lina Alousta.jpg

Stole the Ocean Breeze 

Wild winds - Lina Alousta.jpg

Wild winds 

About the 


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Profile pic LA - Lina Alousta.jpeg

Artist: Lina Alousta

Based in Surrey, United Kingdom

Instagram: @linaalousta_art

Open to commissions and collaborations.

My name is Lina Alousta and I’m an abstract artist based in Surrey, UK. My love of art was born during my teens followed by a BA Hons in Graphic Design where I discovered a love for screen-printing. At the beginning of 2020, I discovered a passion for abstract art and have been painting religiously since. Inspired by colours and in nature throughout the seasons, I absorb the feelings stirred within and respond by painting the emotions that invigorate my soul through intuitive bold gestural marks. These marks capture recent magical experiences and/or childhood memories of the sea that evoke a sense of energy and movement. Mostly, I work in acrylics, occasionally in watercolours. I tend to incorporate mixed media, collages and layers within my pieces.They are all part of my process that create hidden treasures, build richness and textures as the painting starts to take shape and form. It delights me to hear that my paintings stir a deep emotion with the viewer that triggers joyful memories. Creativity is the magic that I am grateful for and am happy to share with you!

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