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The Luminous Collection

Artist: John Boudreau

Based in Los Angeles, California, USA

This series is of metal leaf and acrylic on canvas. The paintings have symbolic properties.

8C5A43E7-3B46-456B-92A2-2CB5DB99B3D8 - John Boudreau.jpeg

Before a Journey

4594F958-17E8-47F5-BAF5-65459920B077 - John Boudreau.jpeg

Golden Lion

9AFED172-6AD2-4C13-9AFB-C4A8C3D78AA2 - John Boudreau.jpeg

Mount Sumeru

33BA71D6-3BBA-4B60-A0B3-8A27AA0C7241 - John Boudreau.jpeg
5927AC0C-CF3E-4445-9CC5-3653CA27231B - John Boudreau.jpeg

Lost Treasures Found

Humanity ll

97380769-A2B3-46AC-A40E-93EFA007B72A - John Boudreau.jpeg

Takes the Wind

65AA938A-2EC0-4BA6-AC25-1ECC4BADA87E - John Boudreau.jpeg

Conjured Elephant

39EC5FBE-DFD8-48C5-BF64-88DEAF06E99F - John Boudreau.jpeg

The Golden Swan Parable

4DB451F8-CA02-43A7-89BE-F4108E1CA31F - John Boudreau.jpeg

Ancient One

0AF6E79D-F00D-4DEA-ADC5-A3371AD39256 - John Boudreau.jpeg

Eternal Ocean

Hanbell Gallery

About the 


Artist: John Boudreau

Based in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Instagram: @johnboudreauartist

Commissions accepted

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John is an artist and art instructor in Los Angeles, California in the United States. His artwork has been in exhibitions to raise awareness on global issues and for charities. He hopes his artwork inspires others. 

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