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Hanbell Gallery

Street people

Artist: Einat Lev Ari

Based in Israel

These people who live on the street give me light for life. These are the people who really live, these are the survivors, these are the people who love life. They will eat from the trash to survive. No one knows what will happen to him tomorrow and they are happy with what is there. Street people are people who live the public life on the city streets. Street people are mostly homeless, sometimes mentally ill, and often have a transient lifestyle. Some may be beggars with bags or a shopping cart accompanying them and they carry all their belongings. Some people are street vendors selling their goods on the street, some have mobile or fixed stalls, and others unload the goods on the ground and wait for customers to arrive. And there are singers or street tricks and individuals. In this series of works I create a street life in other colors with a different view of the situation.

blind faith 100X70 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

Blind Faith

A street vendor 100X70 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

A street vendor

Rest on the street 50X60 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

Rest on the street

Sitting on the sidewalk protective of a baby 70X70 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

Sitting on the sidewalk protective of a baby

A street player on wind instruments 50X70 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

A street player on wind instruments

Sky of war - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

Sky of war

Burka 100X70 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg


einat lev ari I liked too 90X70 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

I Liked too

Sing in San Pedro De Alcantara - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

Sing in San Pedro De Alcantara

connected 80X100 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg


About the 

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IMG_20211209_120634 - Einat Lev Ari.jpg

Artist: Einat Lev Ari

Based in Israel

Instagram: @einat.lev.ari

Einat Lev Ari is an artist based in Israel, and a CBT psychotherapist with a MA art therapist. She began her artistic path in studying architecture and interior design and engaged in the profession for 26 years. In 1984 she joined the studio of the painter Yoav Shuali. As part of her studies she purchased Pencil drawing techniques, charcoal, models, surrealist style and abstract. In the years 1987-1989 she studied at the Art College; and in 1992 - 1995 she studied sculpture with some of the best sculptors in Israel. In 2011, the artist graduated with a master’s degree in art therapy from Leslie University of Boston, and since then she have been treating at a private clinic, lecturing, creating art and exhibiting. By the end of 2021, she was represented by Laura I. Art Gallery  in London, and her works appeared on the art sites ARTNET, ARTSY; and she  participated in the Jerusalem Biennale.

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