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Scenes and Stills of One's Perspectives and Dreams

Artist: Carl Mitchell II

Based in Gilbert, Arizona, United States

Whether through the eyes of man or animal we all have our own perspectives, our own dreams. An ostrich dreaming of taking flight, a man making a harsh realization; each piece is a snapshot of what is, what could be, or what is to come.

IMG_0036 - Carl2Art.JPG


Cloyster'd - Carl2Art.png
Monáe Lisa - Carl2Art.png

Monáe Lisa

IMG_0030 - Carl2Art.JPG


Black in Green - Carl2Art.png
IMG_0479 - Carl2Art.HEIC
IMG_0034 - Carl2Art.JPG
IMG_0037 - Carl2Art.JPG


Black in Green



Hanbell Gallery

Eros & Agape

About the 


Artist: Carl Mitchell II

Based in  Gilbert, AZ, USA

Instagram: @carlmitchellart


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Carl Mitchell is an aspiring oil painter and recent high school graduate from Gilbert, Arizona. Although he was born in Los Angeles, he has lived in several places across the country and found awe in the differences of each. His joint culture as both an African-American and a Salvadoran has greatly inspired his work in themes such as Representation, True Beauty, and the feeling of Displacement. Carl has been an art student at Highland High School, where he focused on basic composition and the use of color. He will be attending Arizona State University and majoring in Painting and Drawing in the upcoming fall.

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