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This anthology is a fundraiser for Ukrainian aid. 100% of profits will be donated to humanitarian aid charities by Culturally Arts Collective. The Mutagens is a 118-page anthology of art, poetry, and writings created by the people, for the people. Curated and gathered by Culturally Arts Collective. A world full of injustice and fear gave birth to original paintings, poems, and writing, 37 authors take us on a journey through their worlds in which they stand up against the inflicting pain caused by others through the trauma ingrained in the war zones of memories of it. Artists coming from over 12 different countries share their perspectives through the best medium of expression available -- their souls themselves, wrapped in an art piece that came through in this collection. The voice of people gives us hope in its rawest form, showing that we, humans, can survive any threat to our own existence and despite our differences we will come united and stronger to overcome anything we need.

"The Mutagens" - An Anthology

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