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Hanbell Gallery

Poems From A Secret Diary Vo. 3

Author: ChiHeb ​

Based in Constantine, Algeria

Instagram: @cosmic_city_

These are poems that were hidden from sight for a long period of time in the dark of closed pages; in the back of a bag so nobody could read them. They are written with honest feelings and come from genuine personal experiences.

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

"Sunset Time" 

A red cloud announced
Sunset time
Floating below the second shade
Of blue, and every shade
Went darker
The black bird
Sang another song
And the crow, tired
Flew in circles of silence

The boy sat on the roof
Looking up, mesmerized
By what he sees
And by the beauty
That will come later
This life, and the way he feels
One day frowning with gloom
Another blessed with the warmth
Of the splendid sun
Today the rays kissed his cheeks
And summer flirted,
With his skin, in fresh breeze
Someday that seemed like yesterday
The winds of winter screamed,
In his face and he almost cried
The eolian hisses reminded him
Of a crime he had seen
His insides started gathering in one spot
And the pain blurred his vision
What a man feels when dying he thought
Though dying he was not
His mother walked out with a tray of coffee
The seductive aroma
And the sweetness of the woman
Loosened his organs
His eyes smiled; his lungs inhaled deep
Strange is the human heart
Swinging on a language
Only few can understand
It dwells on misery for years
Then in a moment
It’s nothing but gay

City Traffic at Night

"Losing Hope in You" 

And when I asked you
How the stars make you feel
You said they’re nothing
But some sparkling dots
I then realized that you are

Still, in the empty half of the glass
And I was dragging myself in your shadow
So I think I should stop
And look up again
The night vail is clear
And the wolves in the mountains
Are howling and praising
My thoughts tell me,
That I have loved the stars so fondly
And so did the moon love me
Though the moon comes and goes
The stars stay and smile at me
My soul is tired of these temporary luxuries
I want a star that shines eternally.

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