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Hanbell Gallery

Observations from in and around my home

Artist: Carys Trace

Based in Cardiff, UK

A collection of drawings and paintings that record the environment around my home.

After The Party_65x45_Oilpaintoncanvas - Carys Trace.jpg

After The Party

Sun Spot_70x100cm_Watercolours 3 (2) - Carys Trace.jpg

Sun Spot

Summer Pond_21x30cm_pastels on paper - Carys Trace.jpg

Summer Pond

Islington Cemetry_45x55_pastelsonpaper - Carys Trace.jpg

Islington Cemetery Sky

The Haircut_30x43_pencilonpaper (2) - Carys Trace.jpeg

The Haircut

Sun Spot In Winter_25x35cm_Pastels - Carys Trace.JPG

Sun Spot in Winter

About the 


Drawing Catedral de Cadiz_Pablo Martinez-Calleja 5 - Carys Trace.jpg

Artist: Carys Trace

Based in Cardiff, UK


Open to commissions, exhibitions and residencies.

My name is Carys Trace, I am a reportage artist whose practice attempts to composite the realities and ambitions of a woman in British society through drawing and painting disciplines.

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