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My Artwork

Artist: David Mason

Based in Truckee, California, USA

Contemporary Realism

EF95EC65-5CFE-4972-A2D1-F5907B304D26 - david mason.jpeg
283B7065-441D-45CA-8FE6-917EC91CA14D - david mason.jpeg
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3977DA0D-F778-4A43-8DC0-1EB6E554FED6 - david mason.jpeg


A Sign In The Dark

Golden Gate Park 


F643139A-60F9-42F3-A868-DDE1B0D60494 - david mason.jpeg
668A52A4-FDDE-4ABD-8984-549F954553CB - david mason.jpeg

Hanbell Gallery


Up In The Air

51339A85-7F35-48CD-88D7-AA958EBE4516 - david mason.jpeg

Dime Store Cowboy

C0CD6B2A-A7E2-4FDB-BBEC-B2D39F28B0BB - david mason.jpeg

A New Look

9FF1E47C-03CE-4327-8509-623F1FB4362B - david mason.jpeg

La Grenouille

668DBF26-85A0-4B5E-9215-FE40DFB440C7 - david mason.jpeg

Go West

Artist: David Mason

Based in Truckee, California, USA

Instagram: @masondoesart

I am available for commission work. Private consultation about size and pricing, since each experience is unique. I do have a strong history with commissioned pieces. I like the idea of  collaborations and I’m open to sharing ideas.

About the 


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From California with most of the time in Carmel. My parents are both creative, so between home and Carmel I had a great environment to grow up in. Drawing was always happening. Then I taught myself how to use an old camera and I was sold. With education, my emphasis was on photography, while still studying applied art and design. After college I relied on the restaurant business to pay the bills and let me start experimenting more with my artwork. As I practiced my techniques and learned from what I was doing, I built up enough work and confidence to find my way into the gallery business. I’m now finding myself at my most prolific and focused, and enjoying the process so much.

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