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Hanbell Gallery


Artist: Gayatri Jagtap

Based in India

The artworks are from various collections. You’ll see a lot of multimedia here. It is an exaggeration and abstraction of the most trivial everyday themes into art pieces.

Gayatri Jagatp_Ruby - gayatri jagtap.JPEG
facade_2021 - gayatri jagtap.PNG

Facade, 2021

Ruby, 2021


Ajna, 2020

Gayatri Jagtap_The Matrix - gayatri jagtap.jpg
Slime_2022 - gayatri jagtap.jpg

Slime, 2022

bubble tile_2021 - gayatri jagtap.PNG

Bubble tile, 2021

The Matrix, 2022


Almost Spring, 2021

Helium, 2021


Cuboids And Tangerine, 2021

Lavender Illusion, 2021

About the 


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Artist: Gayatri Jagtap

Based in India

Instagram: @gayatri.jagtap

Gayatri Jagtap is an architectural designer on a steady diet of art and science fiction, currently based out of India. Gayatri is an architect, an artist and a photographer. She holds a masters degree in Architecture Design from the University of Nottingham, UK. She has been a part of various exhibitions hosted across London, Athens, Venice, Rome to name a few. Her artwork revolves around abstraction and new media. A beautiful, balanced amalgamation of abstract art and science fiction that allows the audience to tap into their curiosity, believe in the existence of the imaginary. A lot of lines, forms and geometric drama is what you’ll stumble across as you scroll through this profile.

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