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Nina Valetova

Nina Tokhtaman Valetova is a New York-based artist. She earned her Master's degree in Art from the University BGPU, Ufa, Russia. She has been actively working as a painter since 1982. Nina is an award winner of Premio ALBA 2009, with a Certificate and Medal, Casa Editrice Alba, Ferrara, Italy. Nina is also an American Art Award winner in the category "Cubism" in 2018. Many of her paintings are in public and private collections in Russia, the United States, Denmark, and Germany.

Artist: Nina Valetova

Based in New York, United States



Culturally Arts Collective features:

"Hidden Eyes", April 15-May 27 2022, Milostka Center for Exhibitions 

What do you aim to say by the themes in your art?

 I use different themes and motifs in my art, depending on my feelings, memories, and thoughts about the world.


A " Miracle World of Childhood" drawing captures the moment when children are learning and experiencing their environment for the first time.

Where does your inspiration come from?
In my experience, the appreciation and admiration of the artist's art inspires and motivates them.
Do you have experiences that impacted your art?
In the beginning of my professional career as an artist, I was introduced to a famous artist. . He pointed out a major flaw in my earlier work. Since then, I have become more professional as a result of his advice.
Do you feel your art challenges existing barriers?
I develop Synthesis Art, a combination of abstract and figurative form with suprematism, cubism and surrealism.
What are your long-term artistic goals? 
In the near future, I plan to exhibit and sell my oil paintings.
What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
An aspiring artist should understand that the road to success in the arts is not always smooth. They must realize the importance of good education and skill in the arts.
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