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Hanbell Gallery

Doering Comprehensive Collection

Artist: Michael Doering

Based in Reno, USA

This collection includes a comprehensive look at paintings and mixed media pieces by Michael Doering from 2018-2022.

First Light - Mike Doering.JPG

First Light 

The Cat Circus - Mike Doering.JPG

The Cat Circus 

Raspberry Sherman - Mike Doering.JPG

Raspberry Sherman 

Self-Portrait with Apron, Aqua T and Background - Mike Doering.JPG

Self-Portrait with Apron, Aqua T and Background 

Dementia - Mike Doering (1).JPG
Girl With Ripped Jeans - Mike Doering.jpg

Girl With Ripped Jeans 

City Boy - Mike Doering.JPG

City Boy 

8-Ball with a Dead Rooster - Mike Doering.JPG

Ball with a Dead Rooster

Unconditional Surrender - Mike Doering.jpg

Unconditional Surrender 

Corn Crib Fighter - Mike Doering.JPG

Corn Crib Fighter 


About the 

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Doering 2 - Mike Doering.jpg

Artist: Michael Doering

Based in Reno, USA


I am open to collaborations.

Michael Doering is an American painter and printmaker with international exposure. His studio is in Reno, Nevada and his work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States and in France. Michael was born in Mason City, Iowa and he graduated from the University of Iowa with a BFA in drawing and printmaking. He then detoured on his artistic journey by moving to Las Vegas, Nevada and ultimately to Reno where he worked in the field of education as a teacher, counselor, principal, and executive director. He has two Master’s Degrees from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Counseling and Educational Psychology and in Educational Leadership. He started doing art again in 2018, and since this time, he has developed a following around the globe for his work and his art has been included in numerous exhibitions. He appreciates all styles of art, but has been most influenced by the Post-Impressionists, German Expressionists, and Abstract Expressionists. His bold and expressive style of painting highlights visual and conceptual contrasts while maintaining an intimate connection with history and artists who came before him.

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