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Старейший город Северной Америки

Режиссер фильма: Дани М.

Базируется в Ньюфаундленде и Лабрадоре, Канада

Дневники из страны чудес прибрежного города, расположенного за пределами ваших самых смелых мечтаний в далекой стране ... Канада

IMG_3040 - Chop Sticks.jpeg

Rose, 14.8 cm x 21 cm


IMG_3044 - Chop Sticks.jpeg

Rose Part II

14.8 cm x 21 cm

IMG_3043 - Chop Sticks.jpeg


21 cm x 29.7 cm

IMG_3041 - Chop Sticks_edited.jpg


14.8 cm x 21 cm


Exhibition sponsored by the American College of the Middle East


My name is Ezra. I’m a 19 year old student majoring in industrial engineering. I am new to the art scene although having exhibited a few times in collective shows and sold works. I believe that all of my work is widely diverse and the pieces get created depending on how I feel, or the stages I go through in life. I started this journey from school and boredom, nothing fascinated me as much as having a ballpoint pen and a paper. And I started noticing people's works as well and how remarkable that a work of art can move you and have you experience the emotions of its maker. I intend to elevate and upgrade my path even further but keep true to experimenting and not be labeled by a medium. I have a soft spot for all things art, and I’d love to inspire you with my pieces.


My work focuses on the emotions of the human psyche, and the clarity of human emotions. I draw things through my personal experiences and surroundings. I started noticing the power of human expressions a couple of years ago and I felt the need to recreate it. It is a powerful thing we collectively have and connect with each other through. And I would love to elevate it further in my work.

How did you start your art journey:

I used to draw ever since my adolescence. My dad kept teasing me, and prided himself over the simple fish he taught me to draw. Later on, I started to become intrigued by how other people presented themselves. To me, the people themselves looked like art, that’s when I started to take art more seriously. I got intrigued by the characters and the presence a human being can portray.

What would you like to express:

I like to experiment a lot when it comes to my art. You won’t usually see the same drawing twice. I could say that I choose my mediums based on what I’m trying to present.

What’s next for you in the art world:

I’d like to evolve my skill set, be able to express my work better, and amplify it on a national scale to make a difference. I do not wish to be presented with a specific medium or label, as I feel it would hold me back. I want to preserve the experimental core of my work, art and the human experience as a whole.


Application for VR Replication


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