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Старейший город Северной Америки

Режиссер фильма: Дани М.

Базируется в Ньюфаундленде и Лабрадоре, Канада

Дневники из страны чудес прибрежного города, расположенного за пределами ваших самых смелых мечтаний в далекой стране ... Канада

e28df3e3-3ca6-42c2-9e78-742fef5610a2 - Chop Sticks.jpeg

Game master, digital


Untitled_Artwork - Chop Sticks.PNG

Mary Mary


Untitled_Artwork - Chop Sticks-4.png

Sparks Of Rage


Untitled_Artwork - Chop Sticks-2.PNG


15 cm x 17 cm

Untitled_Artwork - Chop Sticks-3.png

A Fleeting Lullaby 



Exhibition sponsored by the American College of the Middle East


My art is a creation of fantasy characters in a world of my own imagination. Inspired by the world around me and the limitless designs and characters it holds. I work on fantasy scenes that are based on real life but imagined into a more magical and boundary-free realm.


My pen name is chopsticks, and usually go by chops. I was born and raised in Kuwait currently studying at ACM, American College of the Middle East. My love for art started at a very early age. From drawing landscapes/ scenery, to birds, to cartoon characters, to anime. So far my biggest inspirations come from manga artists. And even though I am new in the art scene I intend to work with renowned Japanese manga and Anime artists that inspired and motivated my path.

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