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Kartal Nebula



“Kartal Nebula” Sıla Guven, 05.2016, Tuval uzerine yagliboya ve keten,  90 x 150cm, 1200tl

01.2014 Participated CERN Conference Art and Science Summit, 70.years of CERN, Switzerland 25th 02 to 14th 03.2015 Art workshop at Camberwell College of Arts in London 2015, MFA Visual Art degree from University of the Arts London 2012, moved to England, Illustration degree from University of Wolverhampton 2003, Fashion Design from MJM (Enseginements des Arts Professionelle) in Paris, France 1993, moved to Strasbourg, finished secondary school and Jean Rostand high school in France. 2022, Garden of Infinity exhibition, American and Turkish Association, Ankara, Turkey 2022, Order of Time exhibition at İbramaki, Kusadasi Art Center, Turkey 2021, Ancient Materials, Above & Below, Mayes Creative, Residency Program, London, England. I worked with from NASA’da Mars Project astronaut Lucinda Offer, astronaut Carolyn Kennett 2020- 2021, Member of Visual Artists Association, London, England 2021, Effetto Arte organisaition ‘Ambassador of Art’ Italy. 2020, TRT2 Yeryüzleri Documentary 09. 2020 ‘Art at The Theatre’ SGK Gallery, Theatre at South of London, London, England 2019, F Sanat Gallery Solo exhibition “Initium: Origines Et Indicia / Begining: Roots and Signs” Istanbul 2019 ‘Artist of the Year 2019’ International Art Prize, Montova, Italy 2019 Masters of Art: Caravaggio Prize Montova Art Expo – International Art Bieanale. 2019 ‘12cm’ Group Exhibition, Curator Şükrü Karakuş, Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France 09.2018 International Prize Caravaggio, Professional Art Prize, Milano. 03.2018 Professional Art Prize, Circle Foundation, France 9-12. 11.2017 ‘Winter Salon Strasbourg’ Group Exhibition Strasbourg, France 16. 06 - 07. 2017 ‘Group Exhibition’ Marketplace Studios, Manchester, England 25th 02 to 14th 03.2015 Art workshop at Camberwell College of Arts in London 2015, MFA Visual Art degree from University of the Arts London 2015 Camac Sanat Merkezi France, Invitation for Residency Programme 2016, ‘Journey Through Universe, Third solo exhibition, Galery Bohem, Istanbul, Turkey 24th 02 to 10th 03.2014 Art workshop at Camberwell College of Arts in London. 2014, ‘Cosmopolitanism’ Second Solo exhibition, Akatlar cultural center, Istanbul, Turkey 2013, Art Teacher (Drawing, painting and Art History) and at Istasyon Art Academy, Istanbul 2013, July, Invited to workshops at Italy by SVA 2013, December, Invited to Residency Program at Camac art center, Camac, France 2012, Illustration degree from University of Wolverhampton 2011, ‘Reality and Illusion’ First solo exhibition, Istasyon Art Gallery, Istanbul 2003, Fashion Design from MJM (Enseginements des Arts Professionelle) in Paris 1993, moved to Strasbourg, France 1982, Born in Ankara, Turkey


My Journey

My artistic path began in France, where I studied fashion at MJM and later delved into visual arts in UK. I then earned my Bachelor degree at Wolverhampton University and Master's in Visual Arts degree at the University of the Arts London, solidifying my passion for the visual realm. Exploring the Cosmos Since 2010, I visited The Smitsonian Institiun at Washington. Inspired by the Hubble and James Webb Telescope's imagery and the works of scientists, In 2018, I visited Sema Birler’s Labaratory at İstanbul University for examining cloning process. In 2021, I participated Mayes Creative residency colaborated by RAS. I also visited CERN. My art has explored the vastness of space and the profound mysteries of time. These encounters present an invaluable opportunity to engage with others, gain diverse perspectives, and delve deeper into my work. By systematically exploring and experimenting, I aim to discover and integrate new cultural elements, further enriching my artistic dialogue about science. Bridging the Gap Between Art and Science My artistic vision aims to bridge the gap between art and science. I believe in the power of art to translate complex scientific concepts into an accessible and engaging experience. Connecting Earth and Sky My artworks utilize natural materials like soil and linen, representing the Earth, alongside celestial imagery inspired by telescopes. Linen is the first plant that huan are used. This juxtaposition symbolizes our connection to the cosmos, highlighting the fact that, as Carl Sagan famously stated, "we are all made of star stuff." Process and Inspiration The subject matter of each work dictates my choice of materials and techniques. Each project often encompasses diverse creations, united by a central theme. Throughout the research and production process, new ideas emerge, guiding me towards the next exploration. My Artistic Voice I constantly seek to refine my artistic voice, focusing on color, light, and materiality. I experiment with washes of black to create my own unique hues, utilize complementary colors. I also delve into light theories, aiming to guide viewers' eyes through my creations.

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