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Cold Anxiety


Cleveland, Ohio


Diane was born in a small village called Zvjerinac in the Former Yugoslavia. She moved to the United States with her family eight days before her fourth birthday. She has lived in the Cleveland/Akron area ever since. She went on to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art and received her BFA. Also, in her senior year, she received a fellowship at the Yale Summer Art Program in Norfolk, Connecticut. From there she went on to receive her MFA at Kent State University. With her background Diane has a deep understanding of art history. Her work is rooted in major art movements including Cubism, Constructivism and American Regionalism. Diane has exhibited nationally and has work in numerous private and public collections, including a wall of work at the Acme Corporation Store #1. Diane is also a recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Grant, and her design was chosen for the Postmark America Stamp for the US Postal Service in her hometown. In her work Diane finds inspiration in her immediate surroundings, in the cities and suburbs, and continues to pursue her passion for painting. With this Diane is constantly seeking something within her that expresses what she is thinking and feeling as well as the interpretation of the world around her.


In my painting I best communicate the world around me in representational subjects focusing mainly on architectural structures in landscape settings. I gravitate and am inspired by the subject matter for different reasons. These include capturing the essence of the environments fleeting moment, the interplay of light and shadow, and the everchanging geometric shapes against organic natural settings. Also, the infinite complexity of the environment providing a never-ending source of ideas and concepts to explore. Focusing on one subject has allowed me to explore and expand on one idea and has allowed me to expand into different subjects growing my exploration of my art and the world around me. In my paintings I seek to create work that invites contemplation through the familiar and encourages a further exploration of our human experience. By exploring different techniques, I portray both natural settings and fabricated abstract environments. In my paintings, I have a natural tendency to reduce information in them making them minimal and this reinforces ideas of rationality, order, tranquility, and connectedness. For me painting is my passion, and my exploration is my continual search for purpose for me and my painting.


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