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Hanbell Gallery

Cloud sky

Artist: Anna Ponomarenko

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine

The leitmotif of the collection is reflections on the universe, the fate of human in this world and the meaning of life. The images we are accustomed to are combined with elements of surrealism, and in the image of a bird the viewer can see the person and his soul. The wanderings of the seagull on the sky canvases immerse in reflection on the eternal questions of existence. The idea that is embedded in each work does not have a single interpretation that gives the viewer the freedom to stay with their own perception of the paintings.

Unbreakable_2022_MixedMedia_66x90cm - Annka Art.jpg

Unbreakable, Mixed media, 66x90cm, 2022

Realize_yourself_2021_MixedMedia_100x100cm - Annka Art.jpg

Realize yourself , Mixed media, 100x100cm, 2021

Guardian_2021_MixedMedia_100x100cm - Annka Art.jpg

Guardian, Mixed media, 100x100cm, 2021

Old Memories_MixedMedia_70x70cm - Annka Art.jpg

Old Memories, Mixed media, 70x70cm

Meeting_With_Eternity_MixedMedia_35x50cm - Annka Art.jpg
Parallel_Reality_2021_MixedMedia_50x100cm - Annka Art.jpg

Parallel Reality, Mixed media, 50x100cm, 2021

Knowledges_MixedMedia_70x70cm - Annka Art.jpg

Knowledges, Mixed media, 70x70cm 

Starry night_MixedMedia_50x50cm - Annka Art.jpg

Starry night, Mixed media, 50x50cm

Beyond_The_Borders_MixedMedia_70x70cm - Annka Art.jpg

Beyond The Borders, Mixed media, 70x70cm

Unwritten_Story_MixedMedia_35x50cm - Annka Art.jpg

Unwritten Story, Mixed media, 35x50cm

Meeting With Eternity, Mixed media, 35x50cm

About the 

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Anna_photo1 - Annka Art.jpg

Artist: Anna Ponomarenko

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine

Instagram: @annkaprojec

I am open to collaborations.

From childhood, I was filled with a love of art and in 2002, an art school appeared in my life. In 2005 I attended courses in the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv. From 2008 till 2020 I’m worked as Web And Graphic designer. Since 2017 I started using oil, acrylic and mixing them with other materials, this led me to create my own style. During the war 2022, I’m staing with my husband and 2,8 years old daughter in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. I’m staying and continued working from home. Art is my visual power and my option to support my country somehow. Some of my paintings already found their home in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Korea, Australia, and Ukraine.

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