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Hanbell Gallery

Brain Candy

Artist: Simon Berson

Based in Florida, USA

Industrial surrealism, merging the dream state with technology.

All Seeing Eye - Simon Berson.jpg

"All Seeing Eye",  20 x 30 cm

Crows Nest - Simon Berson.JPG

"Crows nest", 24 x 36 cm

Arrow of Time - Simon Berson.jpg

"Arrow of Time", 20 x 30 cm

Hand, Out - Simon Berson.jpg

"Hand Out", 20 x 20 cm

Expectation of privacy - Simon Berson.jpg

"Expectation of Privacy", 30 x 60 cm

Adverse Camber - Simon Berson.jpg
Machine Learning - Simon Berson.jpg

"Machine learning" 20 x 30 cm

Landscape B - Simon Berson.jpg

"Landscape B", 24 x 36 cm

Diver Dan - Simon Berson.jpg

"Diver dan", 20 x 30 cm

Over, Under and Through - Simon Berson.jpg

"Over, Under and through", 32 x 32 cm

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Me at Gallery opening - Simon Berson.jpg

Artist: Simon Berson

Based in Florida, USA

Growing up in New York City had many advantages. I used to skip school and spend days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Modern Art and the Guggenheim museums. The influence of Tanguy, Duchamp, Picasso, Calder, Kandinsky, Nevelson, Bontecue, and many others, is apparent in my work. Tempered by 30+ years as a technical writer and illustrator for a variety of manufacturers. The collage/mixed media pieces begin with filling a sketch book with a series of imagined part drawings, these are created without regard to what the final piece will be. I have developed a vocabulary of parts that on their own appear simple, but in combination they go from a chaotic pile of drawings to an organized piece. These parts are assembled like a puzzle, but without a predetermined plan. The completed structure and addition of technological components (that were thoughtfully supplied by several technical journals), creates a brain teaser for the observer. I aim for a kind of balance of curiosity and puzzlement, leaving the viewer to fill in the story.

A viewer puzzles over the resultant images of the combined forms. Do these images depict a kind of machine, something bio-mechanical, or an alien life form or landscape? In any case, the work invokes a thoughtful response, a kind of “Brain Candy” that never seems to get old. My sculptures follow a similar pattern of creation. Collected parts/hardware, found objects, and some original components, all wired together. Some have built-in illumination.

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