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Hanbell Gallery

Birds, Fantasy and Portraits

Artist: Catherine Millerioux

Instagram: @kat_art_strophe

Based in France

Acrylic paint and watercolor.

561BFA8B-B09D-4910-AA8C-05362BFCE778 - c

Too shy for you

5C6DD2E2-70AD-4809-B45B-2076253CABD0 - c

Young Asian

AA711EFB-DEC2-4C99-894F-B5B3FADB082B - c


9761447A-FD33-4C57-81C9-74408FBCF418 - c

Two peacocks

BFEDB0F6-4209-4DA2-9D62-CFE35C3B4AA5 - c


48B7ADF5-4586-43B7-80F2-F66B264AE7FD - c

Adam & Eve

49B28C77-5C2B-448E-8713-C80BD394F9AE - c

Tropical passion

0D2A72FB-A3DB-42FD-AD56-D2086F68D69A - c

About the 


Self taught artist, little big traveler. I have always been drawing. I started painting the last few years on and off due to my lifestyle. I find my inspiration mostly on Pintrest and from my life experience. I love playing with color shades and create new universes !

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