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Hanbell Gallery

Transmission and Bioluminescene 
- Digital Art

Artist: Fazar R.A. Wibisono

Based in Bandung, Indonesia

Transmission Description:

Transmission is like radio, we try to transmit in life, transmission to keep moving and trying to develop the work so that it can still exist, not to always pursue popularity, because it's all luck if you get popularity, transmit what you want to try with all the efforts you have, broadcast, put on air to stay alive.

Bioluminescene Description:

Bioluminescence or also the fluorescent light that exists in firefly insects, where this light is produced by this firefly insect by the chemicals behind its body, this light is there when this insect begins in the final stages of its life when this light appears in a life to looking for a partner, where this light is useful as a means of attracting or signaling to their partner. This fluorescent light is also found in mushroom plants and deep-sea biotactic animals and jellyfish.

Disturbia#2 - fazarroma agungwibisono.jpg

​​Disturbia 2 

GHOST-BIO-CELL#6 - fazarroma agungwibisono.jpg

Ghost-bio-cell 6, Digital art

Fazar.Wibisono-Biolumenesensi#3-Digtal.Art-43,18x43,18cm - fazarroma agungwibisono.jpg

Biolumeniscence 3, Digital art

Transmission.7a - fazarroma agungwibisono.jpg

Transmission 7, Digital art

Disturbia#1 - fazarroma agungwibisono.jpg

​​Disturbia 1

About the 

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Fazar.Roma.Agung.Wibisono - fazarroma agungwibisono.jpg

Artist: Fazar R.A. Wibisono

Based in Bandung, Indonesia

Instagram: @fazar.r.a.wibisono

I am open to collaborations. 

Fazar Roma Agung Wibisono is a freelance painter, who studied fine arts and design. Based on Bandung (Indonesia), Wibisono start his career working initially on paper as well as on canvas using watercolors, oil paints as well as acrylics then started painting with other media from used materials such as used skateboard decks, milk cartons and other used materials, and sometimes working on wall murals. The artist uses as reference surrealismo movement, cartoons, lowbrow art, symbolic and semi-realistic techniques.

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