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Catalog for On Our Lands at the Milostka Center for Exhibitions.

About the exhibition: Colonizers and settlers have inflicted significant damage on Indigenous communities by dispossessing them of their lands and restricting their rights. They face numerous forms of oppression and discrimination, including degrading cultures and unstable economics.Associated with many other social issues such as climate change, the permanent neglect of Indigenous rights resulted in the exclusion and marginalization of those communities. From the Amazon rainforest to aboriginal communities in Australia, currently, we estimate that 50 million Indigenous live in or depend on tropical rainforests. In fact, for centuries, Indigenous communities have stood as models of resistance against western policies, using their ancestral knowledge to protect their lands and natural resources."On our Lands: Artistic Production and Indigenous Rights" is a project to share a safe space with Indigenous artists; to resist, claim their rights, celebrate their unique identities, and raise awareness about their histories. ​

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: On Our Lands Exhibition Catalog

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