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Meet Ernest Hood

There is a buzz in the streets about the prolific art works and gatherings of Atlanta based multidisciplinary artist, Ernest Hood.

Atlanta, GA- Gallery 992, located at 992 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310 and Ernie’s In The Cut, Grooming Gallery, located at 412b Chamberlain St. SE, Atlanta GA 30312 are pleased to announce “Between 2 Places”, a solo exhibition of recent works, activations and innovative events by Ernest Hood. This exhibition will take place at two physical locations available for preview on March 13th and 14th with an opening reception at Gallery 992 on Friday March 17, 2023 at 6pm. Further viewings will be available by appointment as well as scheduled immersive events, curated by HoodVision Art.

Between 2 Places” is a deep exploration into the inspiration and emotional vulnerability that goes into the creative process of self expression through visual art. The intent with these paintings, drawings and photography is to show the duality that exists within every human.

About the Artist: Ernest Hood was born in Gary Indiana, raised in Denver Colorado and has been a centrifugal force in the art, music and grooming scenes in Atlanta for the past 20 years. He classifies himself as a pure artist who creates from his soul's necessity to express what moves his spirit. Visions, places, nature and family that constantly run through his mind inspire the images in his work. Ernest's style, "Urban Contemporary" applies a unique use of light and extreme color to a combination of figurative, narrative, abstract and expressionist styles.

As a self-taught artist he is passionate about experimentation and developing new techniques, which cultivates limitless rawness in his work. Music is a key factor in the moods, messages, movement and energetic vibrations conveyed through his craft. As a performance artist he creates live paintings on the street or at pop up events set to live music. He utilizes found and repurposed materials to create fine art and functional installations including wearable art designed to make bold commentary on social injustice and other soul stirring ideas. His company, Hood Vision's mission is to unite and elevate through arts, culture, healing and creative social economic initiatives. It is his belief that public art is an essential part of bridging and building sustainable communities.

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