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Последние темы и тенденции в мире искусства


Cover™ by Shaine C. 

Hosted by Georgia Balmer from the UK and Karen Ki from the US!

Listen below or on Spotify | New uploads every 15th and 30th

Tune in to learn about the latest topics and trends you'll want to follow in today's art and performance culture by experts in their fields!

Meet the



Supriya Mandeloju

Host (Season 1)

My name is Supriya and I'm from Texas. I am currently working as a children’s illustrator. I take rigorous classes that my high school has to offer including IB Art and made it to the state level at the Visual Art Scholastic Event. Despite my busy schedule, I have experience in conducting art lessons at her local library and at Culturally. I also took a summer art program that was offered at the University of Dallas, which allowed me to explore my artistic passions. However, out of all my artistic endeavors, I am most proud of my ability to combine my passion for art and my desire to help others. In my free time, I manage my online Etsy store where I create and sell artwork in order to be able to donate to Love146’s efforts to help child trafficking.


Georgia Balmer

Host; Writer

Hi I’m Georgia! I’m a second year History and IR student at the University of Exeter. I love art history, theatre, films and reading! I hope to be a writer when I’m older, or I’ve got my life more together and I currently write for a couple of online publications, my university newspaper and anybody who will take my waffle! Art connects us to something bigger than who we are and should reflect the beautiful reality of our multicultural world. The art world often falls short of that purpose, culturally seeks to change that and I love being a part of a community striving for accessibility and true diversity in the arts!


Karen Ki


Hello! My name is Karen and I’m a third year Visual Art Studies major at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduating, my goal is to become an art teacher who can show students the importance of art and how we can use it to make a change in the world. I believe works of art have the power to educate people and create awareness in a creative way. Art has been a part of my everyday life and has helped me become culturally aware. My favorite medium to work with is oil paint. Currently I have been experimenting with vibrant colors and textures using palette knives. My pieces all have personal and emotional connection to it because I use art as a form of therapy. I am also aspiring to become an art therapist in the future who can paint away the pain and heal those in need. 

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Daniela Mendoza Marin


Hi! My name is Daniela Mendoza Marín, and I am currently completing my Master’s degree in Earth Sciences. Science and art have been my two passions since I can remember. That is why when I am not studying rocks and mountains, I try to be involved in art-related activities as much as possible. That lead me to become an art educator here at Culturally! I enjoy playing the ukelele and drawing, but I also am captivated by editing and producing! Right now, I am delighted to be a producer of Culturally’s podcast, Artiscape! I look forward to growing and learning more about different ways to express ourselves through art.


Nhi Nguyen


My name is Nhi Nguyen, and I’m 16 years old! I’ve always found it really hard to stay motivated and consistent with art, but I’m starting to learn how I can incorporate art into my daily life, and keep loyal to it! It’s one of my biggest reasons for why I’m a blog/podcast writer. Writing gives me a way to take a break from the stress of having to be creative all the time, and lets me stay true to my talents through a bigger outlet.

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