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Nicola Barth

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Laggen/Hessen, Germany

When did you begin your artist journey?

Before I mixed and arranged colours, I did the same with words and sentences.


I studied literature (and theater, film and television, and psychology) and wanted to write about myself at some point.


I was thinking of poetry and prose and novels and not yet paintings, sculptures, and digital photography.


When I was 25, I saw a painting that really excited me. But I couldn't afford it. I thought I could paint it myself, but that never worked... However, since then hundreds of other paintings have been created.......I still see it in my mind's eye with gratitude for the initial spark.


Looking back, I understand: I had to exchange the pen with the brush,

because what I want to understand and explain is so complex that I cannot express it in words. We can not think the world to the end,it is not to be grasped by the mind.


Gaining knowledge drives me. I am inquisitive/curious and I want to see what is behind the curtain, under the surface of the water, above the clouds.


"There is indeed a world behind this world. And it's constantly moving. As a philosopher without words, I try to make milk glass permeable."


Language is usually unambiguous, is controlled by the mind and lifts us to a conformist level.


Painting, on the other hand, deviates from the norm. It leads from the deep into the depth of an experience of being, it is a more open form of communication, which is grasped with other senses and leaves more room for maneuver and freedom. Here it is about experiencing and not understanding.


In non-objective painting I can show a part of what I do not understand but desire to understand. I do not know what I paint, but I see it as a small subjective section of a large whole process that is constantly in morphological change, and I take the liberty of making a cut-out.

The triad names of my paintings like HONO BADI NISS and DULUSCH ET IGANI are therefore rather to be understood as a sound or a frequency and are meant to point to the inner idea of things.


What do you aim to say by the themes in your art?

Ideas about morphology, the spirit, matter, energy, insights, transformation, time and space accompany my works and are also what spurs me on.


"There is indeed a world behind this world. And it's constantly moving. A philosopher without words, I try to make milk glass permeable."


"When everything is loose and in constant movement, everything reacts with everything else, everything finds itself constantly in a process, there is nothing really finished, and when time and space are only fixed ideas, then deception and change are confusion and chance..

These thoughts can sometimes make you dizzy. I paint against the dizziness, because "being one with" (resonate) is a way to resist the chaos. These thoughts, the fast pace in our society and the rapid digital progress demands a stop, a standstill, a contemplation to get behind.

I remain to stopp and make visible. My analog answer is painting/making art.“


The driving force of my painting is the gain of knowledge. I paint out of an inner dilemma: the impossibility of thinking the world through to the end. In other words: I paint what I don´t understand but desire to understand.

Everything is constantly in motion, nothing remains. Time and space are questioned. That can sometimes make you dizzy.

This fast pace of life in nature and in our society and the rapid digital progress demands a stop, a standstill, a retreat to follow. My analog answer to this is painting.


Where does your inspiration come from?

By walking the world with my eyes and ears open for inspiration.

Maybe it´s a bit like this: The artist has the ability to wander the world without loosing the connection to reality and he can bring something from „there“.

However this from „there“ is subject to different laws evaluation criteria

Nearly everything and everyone an be an inspiration form me.

Conversations, books, nature, special materials, rooms and spaces.

And of course I join other artists in their exhibitions and studios and follow their work on instagram or clubhouse.

So I am influenced by everything and everyone and always.

For me the more important question is: under what conditions are we ready for inspiration?

In my experience, inspiration always comes spontaneously and unexpectedly. Often when I am doing quite profane everyday work. I think you just need to be just opened and relaxed when you are searching for inspiration, I call it to be „on air in off space“. Inspiration itself can´t be forced, but the circumstances under which inspiration takes place can be influenced. There are certain synapses in the brain that have to be interconnected with each other and this is an involuntary process. It is always about input and output and the individual „in-between“ that manifests itself in an artistic result. To my mind an image or a sculpture or even music is a living organism that grows out of itself.


What is integral to your work as an artist?

Freedom in my form of expression and choice of means.


I am primarily a contemporary (abstract-) painter, this is my homebase but regularly allow myself excursions into photography and three-dimensional work sculpture/installation when the subject to be worked on requires it. For example, a photograph, which is usually a determination of time and place, gives me the possibility of links between places and objects from different times through digital processing (blending/retouching). Also, the possibility of constructing and deconstructing spaces and creating virtual spaces and realities.


Digital art interests me more and more at the moment, that's why as an artist and seizmograph of society it's hard to get around it....

Then there's the fact that I'm very freedom-loving and curious and don't want to be restricted to one artistic discipline.

discipline. Much more important to me is an unadulterated handwriting and an authenticity no matter in m which discipline I express myself.

So multidisciplinary sounds good to me.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

No master falls from the sky. Good artists have always worked harder than average to achieve it. With patience and perseverance.

You need dedication, stamina and a high frustration tolerance.

You should burn for what you do.

"Only he who burns himself can kindle fire in others"- Augustine.


The path is often rocky and exhausting and sometimes demands tsunami energy: be driven, fall, stand up and crown, do not be discouraged, be awake, brash and present. Absolutely loyal and grateful to the people who helpfully accompany your path.


But if this is what you really want, then you will not find it difficult and you will get back the full energy from the creative process.


Just as important as progressing in the art technique, refining, complementing and expanding your work is your personal development.


Join your colleagues in their exhibitions and studios.

When you talk to artists about their work, you´re almost always very close to the people, their ideas, their visions, what drives them. It's always about the essentials. It's important for your own work, because it helps you to reflect on it and might inspire you also.


You must learn who you are so that your art is personal and has integrity and authenticity, whether you paint, sing or dance. It should be entirely yours.


Learn your frequency.

Play your frequency.

Broadcast on your frequency.

Who has influenced your work, or continues to influence your work?

Surely there would be some names of great artists whose works I think are great for various reasons that have inspired and influenced me on a formal level. But as an artist you are also always a ´seismograph of society´ and ´tentacles´ quite openly porous through the world.

Creative work is ultimately about input and output and the individual 'in-between' that manifests itself in an artistic result.

So I am influenced by everything and everyone and always. People, conversations, nature, materials, spaces, texts - everything can inspire me if I am ´open´ (on air in off space). The idea of transformation: „What can you make of it?“ is always there.

Do you have experiences that impacted your art?

So many ......

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