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Let There Be Light Vo. 1

Author: Ris V. Rose

Instagram: @risvrosepoetry

Based in Ontario, Canada

A sample of poems from my fourth collection, "Let There Be Light". This collection uses the many different definitions and forms of light as metaphors to explore the pursuit of happiness.

Image by Daniel Mirlea

Let There Be Light

And God said,
“Let there be light;”
And there was you.

October 2018
Starry eyes.

Image by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho

After 26

In the world inside my head,
There is a woman
In a beautiful floral dress
With a train that flows behind her
Like a cape,
Or a pathway outlining every step she's taken
To get to where she is.
She glows;
She emanates power,
This feeling of certainty
In who she is.
She's accomplished everything
That her childhood self dreamed up.
You can see it
In the way she holds her shoulders
And keeps her head up,
While the rest of us
Stare in awe
At this marvellous sight.
“I want to be just like you,”
I would tell her every day.
And she would just smile at me
Like she knew one day
I would be.
She is blurry
And I am silent.
Her aura seems less like a beacon
And more like a
She shakes her head at me—
I know
I've disappointed her.
I want to apologize to her
But she's not the one I'm sorry for.
She turns around
And walks away from me,
Her colours fading,
Her edges softening,
And her light dimming
With every step she takes

In her high heels,
Which make no noise.

January 2019
“I’m Lima good.”

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about the 


Ris V. Rose is a twenty-two-year-old Canadian poet and fiction writer, and a recent undergraduate from the University of Toronto. An avid daydreamer, Ris often allows her mind to drift off in order to work through her emotions and experiences and turn them into poetry. She is currently working through her fifth poetry collection, called "Landscape," and a fantasy novel. She also loves to read, sing, play the piano, and learn about outer space and the environment.

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