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Milostka Exhibitions

Jazz Appreciation Concert

March 27, 2021

Join us for a one-way ticket to a night of rhythmic sway in this live virtual jazz concert! Go on a journey to revisit some of the greatest pieces ever invented in the history of jazz and hear original compositions from aspiring and professional musicians! 

Featured Musicians: Paulina Hernandez, Isaiah Sealy, Zach Forbes, Ella Grace, Adedayo Lawal, Lucas Lindo, Christopher Schiavoni, Matthew Hodson, Royce Hermanson, Eval Silva, Thoms Durandeau, Nick Vrolichs



Posłuchaj prezentacji artystów z gali, aby poznać ich prace.

Musician: Ella Grace

Musician: Christoper Schiavoni

Musician: Lucas Lindo

Musician: Royce Hermanson

Musician: Matthew Hodson

Musicians: Paulina Hernandez, Isaiah Sealy

Musician: Thoms Durandeau

Musician: Zach Forbes

Musician: Nick Vrolichs

Musician: Eval Silva

Musician: Adedayo Lawal

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