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Roger Monteiro

Porto Aelgre, Brazil

RM_Divulgação_1 copy.jpg

Roger Monteiro was born in Southern Brazil, in the late '70s. He holds a degree in Literature and a Postgraduate Degree in Philosophy and Visual Arts, with a specialization in Art History and Visual Culture. Alongside a long and successful career as an art director and graphic designer, he has been more consistently dedicated to graphic arts since 2013, researching, exploring, and applying digital media in artistic creation. His work focuses on contemporary and urban themes and is heavily influenced by pop culture, rock'n'roll, punk aesthetics, and the industrial processes of image production. His images have been exhibited and published in various  countries such as Brazil, Croatia, England, Finland, France, Georgia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Portugal, and Spain. Recently, as a natural consequence of his engagement with the digital world, he has dedicated to studying generative artificial intelligence platforms and their potential for interaction with artistic work, experimenting, thinking, and writing about the subject. He is represented in Brazil and Europe by Ava Gallery and Art 100 Gallery. An eternal enthusiast of doubt, Roger Monteiro believes that if he is ever one hundred percent certain about something, he is not doing his job right.  He is married to the beautiful Olivia and rides an old motorcycle named Lady Luck.


As an artist, I’m not specifically interested in beauty, not in the greek conception of the word. Purity of form bores me. Symmetry makes me sick. Harmony does not appeal to me at all. I’m an urban spirit accustomed to the delicate relationships that emerge from chaos. My eyes are rough, they belong to the asphalt and to the concrete. I see humanity in the skyscraper that defies gravity and God to scream:  We live, therefore, we create. My art stands for everything that’s broken, everything that’s fake, everything in this jungle fever we call home. It speaks the city language and it feeds from the city codes: traffic lights, sirens, typography and anarchy. Digital by nature, it is distilled from silicon, ripped off from the algorithm. It bends what should be cartesian in primary colors and make it instinct. I feel my work as  a manifesto of the undesirable, graphic remains of a nightmare. But in a very particularly way, I’m a humanist, a poet of the scars, a punk playing horse polo. Deep down we have something in common, even if it's nothing. Find out and get yourself a punch.

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